Should we highlight French success stories? Oh yes!



Let’s face it, French bashing is trendy. Everyone is talking about the economic crisis, isn’t it? And we can tell: readers seem more interested in alarmist speeches than French success stories. The decline of the country, the closure of enterprises, the outsourcing of French talents, so many hot cakes the press is good at selling! After all, croaking crows have always been louder than cooing doves.

Nevermind! There is a France that wins. A France that is loved, not just at home but also abroad. A France whose international success stories make everyone proud and happy. And those success stories deserve to be better known everywhere.

This France has Veolia, bringing drinking water to more than 100 million people around the world. The Lumière Brothers were French and they invented the cinema in their little studio in Lyon. Then there is Saint Gobain, the global leader in sustainable housing. Let’s not forget, Gustave Eiffel and Auguste Bartholdi, the creators of the Statue of Liberty in New York, were French. “Dior J’Adore”, the world’s most favourite perfume since 2009 and do we need to say it’s French? Colas has been laying roads, miles after miles, thousands and thousands of them, all over the world. Perhaps you didn’t know it; “Intouchables”, the movie scored far better at the box office than “Superman returns”… although the latter’s was 26 times higher. There is Vinci, a global  leader in building and concession. Deezer, the world’s second best site for listening to music online, is Français. And well, if that’s not enough, let the world know that Carmat, the first artificial heart, is a French heart !!!

Oh, perhaps the world doesn’t know; France has a discreet breed of champions- entrepreneurs (which is a French word by the way!) and enterprises. We never see them in the media although they are global leaders.

Poult, sells 330 millions packs of biscuits on 5 continents every year. Mac Guff, 100% French animation studios, creators of the Minions in “Despicable Me 1 & 2”, having so millions of fans all around the world. There is Carbios, a pioneer in bio-recycling. The start-up BlaBlaCar has managed to impose its conception of car-sharing in Europe in less than 5 years. Citelum is a hidden hero in the field of urban innovation. Then there is the forgotten Legrand, global specialist in electric infrastructure. Also worth mentioning is Rémi Dangla who created a revolutionary platform of genetic analysis with his firm, Stilla Technologies. Ingenico stands first in the world on payment terminals. eBuzzing is the European leader in video advertising.  Sobiesky is America’s preferred vodka (including Brad Pitt, Madonna and Bruce Willis) and it’s… French! Acrelec, creates electronic terminals for ordering your menus at fast foods. Oh, you perhaps didn’t know that Rand Hindi, who prepares future cities thanks to his innovating start up : Snips is also French. And so many, so many others which we would like you to discover. And for sure, you are most welcome to add more names in the comments below.

We have to talk about all of them, so that pessimism gives way to optimism and a big fresh dose of trust replaces mistrust  in the capacities of France!

Collectif Au Top La France



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